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Malta International Art Biennale US, Latin America, the Middle East, and through Europe and Russia

The Malta International Art Biennale - was founded by art historian Dame Françoise Tempra. This biennial event is held on the island of Malta and extends to satellite exhibitions and workshops around the world. Since 2001 Korber has been participating in multiple MIAB events worldwide in various roles.

Photo Portrait of the artist and painter Michael J. Korber by Malta's portrait photographer -Tony S. Mangion.
Painter Michael J. Korber by renown Maltese portrait photographer Tony S. Mangion

The Malta International Art Biennale has exhibited Korber's works on three continents. Today, his works delight visitors in eleven museums and public buildings, including the Museo Della Grafica, in Naro (province Agrigento Italy) in the 15th Century Palazzo Malfitano, where his works, with those of 12 other nations, join works of Great Masters Rembrandt and Goya, among others.

SELECTED ARTWORKS exhibited in Malta International Art Biennale

I recognise in Michael Korber the same “passion” for work as I witnessed in those Great Masters, a daily need to “attack” the canvas, the paper or the clay. A need that becomes almost stronger than that of breathing.

Dame Françoise Tempra
Art Historian, Author and President of the Malta International Art Biennale, Sunday Times, Malta / 2002