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Article by Gabe
Published in Closer Magazine - 2001
West Palm Beach
Originally published in English.

For Korber, West Palm Beach is and always will be the place of his rebirth. The author of the article, the owner of the publication, and the West Palm Beach community are all associated with heartfelt sentiments.

Even though this article was printed in the regular issue of the magazine, it is more of a personal message to the artist. It conveys all the good wishes before Korber's departure for Prague, Czech Republic - "a bon voyage". This article goes beyond typical media coverage and is more of a personal letter between dear friends. Good intentions always resonate deeply in their sincere simplicity.


We bid a local artist a bon voyage. Michael Korber is one of Palm Beach Counties most successful and ubiquitous artists. You've seen his paintings in all sorts of places (DaDa in Delray, Karma in West Palm, Respectables in West Palm, etc.) While encouraging other artists to do their best and aspire to greatness he's been chasing his with shows in galleries ranging from Costa Rica and New York to Malta and West Palm. He's moving to Prague and has an upcoming show in Luxembourg at the Monnet Gallery. He'll also spend a bit of time in Germany and we suspect Europe at large. He's sure to be appreciated there even more than locally. Europeans value and revere artists where it seems Americans simply tolerate them.

His departure is bittersweet for many of us. We find ourselves glad that he's moving on to the world at large and sad that well no longer have him to lean on. Palm Beach is losing one of it's most beloved sons (trans-planted from New York; hey, isn't everybody down here?) and well all be a little poorer for it.

Well miss you Mike and we wish you the best.

Photo of an oil painting by artist and painter Michael J.Korber titled-Why go out... in oil on raw linen
Why go out... by Michael J.Korber in oil on linen