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Korber - 2003 Biennale Salon in Mgarr, Malta

Article by Dame Francoise Tempra
Published in Sunday Times - 2003
Originally published in English.

Biennale Salon Exhibition in Mgarr

Photo of Pfarrkirche Santa Maria in Mgarr. Malta
Pfarrkirche Santa Maria in Mgarr, Malta.

Yesterday week the Salon section (traditional representation and figuration ) of the 2003 Malta Biennale was opened at the Gallery of Peace and Progress, 57 Main Street / Church Square, Mgarr.

Sixty-five works by artists from 14 countries are on show, besides a special homage to past salon prize winners. Also on show are eight Bronzes by British sculptor Patricia Finch, winner of the 1995 Award, who died in 2001.

Many of her works are found in various museums and institutions in London, France, the US, and various countries including Malta (National Fine Arts Museum, The Tempra Museum of Contemporary Art at Mgarr and the Wignacourt museum in Rabat).

Photo of Korber with Dame Françoise Tempra, Mgarr councillor Michael Farrugia, Artist Anton AguisByron Veras and Mgarr councillor Frans Chircop at the Salon Section of the 2003 Malta International Art Biennale
Dame Françoise Tempra, Michael Farrugia, artist Anton Aguis, Byron Veras and Frans Chircop.

Having flown in for this occasion that very morning, American artist Michael Korber (winner of the Grand Prix des Arts in 2001 Malta Biennale ) introduced his respect for tradition in art ( despite his being personally acclaimed for his own linear avant-garde art ) in the Malta Int'l Art Biennale Salon and it's past winners, Patricia Finch and spanish artist Antonio Fuertes.

Photo of Dame Francoise Tempra with Byron and Vivenne Veras in front of works by Anja Venalainen (Finland), Joseph Barbara (Malta) and  A.Kastanov (Russia)

So did Malta Int'l Art Biennale deputy vice-president Byron Veras, having returned to Malta with his wife Vivienne for the occasion, stating that he had been instrumental in bringing Biennale founder Dame Francoise Tempra to open the exhibition at the National Fine Arts Museum in 1990, the year she decided to mostly live in Mgarr.

Sculptor Anton Aguis also addressed the gathering, which included Mgarr Councillors Michael Farrugia and Frans Chircop.

The Exhibition will remain open until October 1, when the 2003 Malta Biennale, inaugurated yesterday morning at the Mediterranean Conference Centre, also ends.