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Korber awarded first prize at the Grollo'd Oro in Italy

Article by Various News Channels
Published in Announcement - 2002
Treviso, Italy
Originally published in English.

In 2002, Korber attended the 36th International Art Exhibition Grollo d'Oro in Treviso, Italy. The event was held at the beautiful Castel Brando in the medieval village of Cison Valmarino. The castle is one of the largest and oldest in Europe and was originally built in Roman Age. It was constructed to protect the important lines of communication between North Italy and the other countries on this side of the Alps. Today it has been restored as a landmark, museum, and hotel.

The awards were presented to the artists by a committee that included the international president of the event, Dame Françoise Tempra, the national president Dr. Andrea Vendramin and the main organizer Pittore Luciano Gasper.

Korber won first prize in the Painting category and Maltese artist and friend Paul Harber won first prize in the Sculpture category.