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The Artist Colony

Published in Red Herring - 1993
Originally published in English.

The Artist Colony marked Korber's return to a group since his early years in New York City. The Artist Colony provided the ideal environment for artists to live, interact, and create individually or collaboratively.

The International Collective consisted of handpicked artists from the US, Sweden, Belgium, Estonia, Germany and other parts of the world. The StreetSide site consisted of artists' galleries. It was also the site of West End Fine Arts (WEFA), where Korber performed the duties of Gallery Director as part of the collective. It was there that Korber confronted his shattered, dark emotions and began the intense color palette and flowing lines that we now refer to as Pyrotechnic Iconographism.

During this time, the local media covered and supported The Artist Colony Collective and its members at Palm Beaches. Here are some of the articles and clippings about this initiative, which was spearheaded by a Palm Beach patron Lawrence Corning, a scion of the Listerine fortune. Mr. Corning was one of the influences in the revitalization of downtown cultural development at West Palm Beach.